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1. Fill in your order information, select your jewelry size and click "Create Order". Your order will be registered automatically.

2. Click "Buy in 1 click ...", choosing a delivery method convenient for you and clicking the appropriate button. Shipping costs are included in the order. The amount of the order with a discount is displayed on the screen until the payment is made.

Available delivery methods:

- Free shipping: 0$ ("via ePacket: 12-20 days")

- Shipping: 58$ ("via DHL: 6-13 days) Tracking available

- Shipping: 58$ (via UPS Express Saver: 5-7 days) Tracking available

- Shipping: 59$ ("via FedEx IP: 5-7 days) Tracking available

- Shipping: 64$ ("via UPS Expedited: 11-15 days) Tracking available

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